The results are in, Stay Invested!

12 April, 2019

This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not and should not be construed as, professional advice to any individual. Individuals should contact their IPCSC representative for professional advice regarding their personal circumstances and/or... Read more

From referendum to Neverendum - Recapping the situation and the options going forward

12 April, 2019

What started with a United Kingdom referendum on exiting the European Union in 2016 is turning, three years later, into what looks like more a ‘neverendum’1, i.e. a long, drawn-out process with an uncertain conclusion. Following this week’s events, Brexit... Read more

Using RRSPs and TFSAs towards your financial goals.

27 March, 2019

Everyone has different investing methods and investment plans. Some people will begin investing as soon as they’ve graduated, while others start putting money aside when they’re more established in their careers. For some people the focus of their financial... Read more

Bridging Risk

12 March, 2019

Here are some stats when looking at life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance. Source: PPI toolkit The views and opinions expressed in this commentary may not necessarily reflect those of Investment Planning Counsel. The information... Read more

Women & Wealth: Financial Confidence

26 February, 2019


Regardless of gender, a good financial plan is one that is unique to you and the goals you set for yourself. But a financial plan that works for the man in your life may not automatically work for you.... Read more

Retirement Income Planning

19 February, 2019

value of advice

If asked how to best prepare for their financial needs in their retirement years, some Canadians would insist that it simply entails putting away as much money as possible—saving.... Read more

Less volatility. More stability - Improving portfolio outcomes

12 February, 2019

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For many years, investing in alternative strategies was the sole domain of large-scale government and institutional investors who could deal with its complexity and meet the high price of entry.... Read more

Estate planning: preparing for a necessary discussion

1 February, 2019

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Estate planning: preparing for a necessary discussion... Read more

When aging parents need financial help

25 January, 2019

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When aging parents need financial help

When you think of parents becoming seniors and getting older, typical concerns around health issues come to mind. But financial issues can also arise. This article explores some of the ways adult children can help.... Read more

Retirement Income Planning Is A Team Activity

18 January, 2019

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Retirement Income Planning Is A Team Activity

In building a successful career there is hard work, discipline and focused strategies and we do this mainly by ourselves. There’s a reward at the end of our dutiful path, and most Canadians may not realize that planning for that reward to be exactly... Read more